Saturday, October 10, 2009


Don’t need a manicure as I am chewing my nails, nervously excited about my new film called Jayeebhava. Well Jayeebhava is my fourth release in Telugu. This is one movie which is extremely close to me and I enjoyed playing my character which is completely like me. I felt I was living the character 24/7 but it was actually the other way around, I was just being myself. It was perhaps the most difficult and easiest character I have played so far.

Jayeebhava is a family drama and for the first time I have shot a song full in blue mat. Croma as you may know it is nothing but a blank screen behind you which is then digitized to give whatever effect you may want. It was weird to start as I was reacting to nothing around me; I just followed my director’s and choreographer’s direction to the cue. For this particular song I had to do a lot of home work. My makeup and my hair were different in every segment of the song and we had it all on our storyboard. So a lot of effort by many people went into making and shooting of this song. It was so frustrating at times because every five minutes I had to get my hair done in a specific way, make up was also different and so was the dressing change. It took immense patience on the part of the whole crew. The song had to be shot with such precision because the camera could not be moved as it was stop blog and everything had to be just perfect. The smallest of errors could have wrecked the song.

There was this shot where I'm am wearing a opera dress and playing around with the hero and suddenly I see that I have landed on the ground with all my ornaments, and the unit, the entire crew were stunned and there was pin drop silence for 5 mins and the only sound I could here was me, I was laughing my head off!! I couldn't believe I fell down hahaha!! But you know what many people find it lucky when the heroine falls down! So I guess by falling down I have become a lucky mascot for the film.

I guess all the frustration of waiting and changing and giving a shot and redoing the whole process became much more easier after the fall, as the entire mood was that of fun and laughter and I just came to know that the song I have been talking about has become a huge hit in Hyderabad and is in the top ten of all music charts down there. So my fall may have contributed to the success of the song lol, but no the song the whole experience has been something that I am going to cherish for the rest of my life. I am eagerly waiting and looking towards the release of the film and would love to hear from all of you as to what you thought about the film. Hope you all of you see my film and I pray and hope that you good people love it.

Hope u guys will make this film of mine a hit too

love u always,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New York Part 2

Hey good people,

I have become a bit erratic in my blogging and I am really sorry about it, but work sometimes takes it toll and how.

Continuing where I left off, the other thing about New York that has always fascinated me has been the Times Square, the amount of times, I have seen it in movies or television, made me feel as if I would recognize it albeit know it when I go there, but little did I know. When I reached there in the early part of the evening, it was like this huge circus atmosphere. Brilliantly lit and with so many people hustling and bustling through the wide pavements. Lemme give you a lil trivia about Times Square, "They say that if you stand in one place at Times Square for an hour, then you would have met every nationality in the world."!!!! Fascinating isn't it?

Times Square and my Starbucks Coffee

I remember wishing this evening should not end, but like all good things come to an end, the evening did too and I headed back to the hotel. Its funny, I've been there now yet I dream to go back there soon.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New York Part 1

Hey Good People,

First of all sorry for writing in so late, was just busy with all the commitments and friends who were down from New York. We were sitting up all night reminiscing about my New York trip, and I thought I should share the same with you.

I had always been fascinated with New York, and I fell in love with the city when Tom Hanks managed to woo Meg Ryan in one of my favourite romantic comedies "You've got mail".

When one thinks of New York, I bet everyone starts thinking of "The statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, The Big Apple and Ground Zero", but do you know wierd as it may sound all I could think of when I boarded the flight was Starbucks. I didnt have a cup of coffee on the flight because I just wanted a cup of joe at Starbucks. When I landed and we went to baggage claim, I kept looking around the airport and to my dismay, not one Starbucks was around. The hype and the entire built up energy around it was starting to drain. Finally we had our luggage and we got out of the airport and what do i see at a distance, Like an oasis to many a travellers plying through a desert, I saw Starbucks. Suddenly I became very aware that I am going to be having a cup of coffee at the famous Starbucks. I started to walk towards it, with a sense of happiness I cannot describe, I started taking long strides, with a little hop over my trolley I started jogging and I guess it must have been like 50 feet to the outlet when I started running and I think i reached Starbucks in 4.75 seconds which is pretty much broke the world record. USAIN BOLT WATCH OUT.

I ordered a cappucino and sat on the table, I dont know what it was but it felt so good, The place lived up to my expectation sadly the coffee didnt, but who cared I was finally at Starbucks.

More later


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Sad Day

Today is indeed a sad day for all of us. Our Hon Chief Minister, Y.S.R Reddy, is no more. I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss. He was a great man with a singular vision to make India a great nation.

I have had the honor and privilege of meeting the great man once, He had come for the opening of my film “”. I was so nervous, and add to that the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh was coming. I remember his smile and in sometime I was comfortable. He had this knack of making everyone comfortable around him.

I was in tears when I heard the news and I still have not been able to comprehend as to what exactly happened, but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. The reasons don’t matter. The nation has lost a great man, a great leader but above all a wonderful human being.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Ganpati Bappa Morya

I am so excited that tomorrow I will be bringing home my favorite God of all time, Lord Ganesha. I love the whole festive mood that Lord Ganesha brings in the my life. He is a source of strength for me. Whenever I have any problems which I cant share with my parents or my friends, I literally run to him as to me Lord Ganesha more than being a God is someone who is a friend too.

Actually I believe in Guru Nanak ji and Lord Ganesha, Guru Nanak ji is like a father, but to me Lord Ganesha being a friend of mine, is closer. I am sharing a secret with all of you, Deep down I think I connect with Lord Ganesha I feel like I can talk to him about anything. If I ask for something he usually reverts in his own way. Whenever I am feeling a little low or sad I pray to him and within a day or two, he always figures out a way to cheer me up. To me this is his response to say Chill, I am here with you.

This time I am going to be in Hyderabad during the festival, but isn’t he everywhere??? I have already chosen the idol, and am very excited to bring Lord Ganesha home so what if I am in Hyderabad. Wherever Lord Ganesha is, it is home.

Ganpati Bappa Morya


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

18teen till i die

18 till I die

Finally I am 18teen, and I am so happy. I don’t know why the grown ups make such a big fuss on growing old. I was waiting for this moment for my entire life, well not really, but ever since I was 5 years old, I wanted to be 18. Now you may ask why is that, and I will tell you why exactly. My bro had a sony walkman and he would never let me even touch it. But me being the mischievous child that I was, flicked the walkman one night and I put the headphones on and pressed the play button and Bryan Adams was singing 18 till I die, I just sat there mesmerized with the whole experience of it all. I still have that song on me wherever I go.

Lot of my friends and media have been asking me, how does it feel to be 18. Well I have been eighteen what 3 days now, so lets see if I can put this into perspective. It feels great to be 18. According to our constitution now I am citizen of this country who can think and vote. I am looking forward to casting my vote for the first time, come October. I cant wait to get behind the wheels of my Honda Civic. I have been yearning for it and now I am actually driving it. I actually feel like I can do anything.

But I haven’t told you the best part yet have I? My friends and family threw me this surprise party which was great and they showered me with brilliant gifts. I got all sorts of things like new clothes, new soap, new shampoo, new hair style, but the most exciting gift I got which was the highlight of my birthday was my very first Blackberry Phone. My bro gave me this phone and says we will always stay connected. Sho shweet na my bro.

I am now back in Hyderabad and back to work and loving it and do you know why????

don't worry 'bout the future - forget about the past
gonna have a ball - ya we're gonna have a blast
gonna make it last - 18 til I die